Stock shortage due to Corona Virus

Dear valued customer, Due to the flow on effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are [...]

Side-mounted gate operators – when to use them

Large brick or stone gate pillars: On large brick or stone gate pillars, the distance [...]

‘Virtual Gate Weight’ (VGW) – How to choose a gate operator capable of moving your gate.

You are about to invest in an automatic gate operator.  You want to ensure that [...]

Someone’s installation of a SUN-POWER Auto Gates’ DIY kit.

What a neat installation! Thanks for your photos Shaun Bennets [...]

Order now to get your DIY Gate Automation Kit before Christmas

  Order your gate operator now!  Record sales has us just managing to keep up [...]

Customer Testimonial regarding SUN-POWER Auto Gate’s Repairs, Service and Reconditioning.

At SUN-POWER Auto Gates, we are very proud of the work of our resident gate [...]

Stock Grid? Gate? Both? Automate it!

  Some livestock you’d swear was trained to escape by Harry Houdini himself. It doesn’t [...]

Q: Can I use my Gate Operator remote controls to activate my Garage Door?

A: More than likely. We have a stand-alone version of the receiver that is used [...]

SUN-POWER DIY Gate Automation Kit – 6 Years in storage and then a working installation? Yes. Should YOU wait that long to install yours? No!

We received a phone call recently from a very satisfied customer. A gentleman from the [...]

Customer Feedback + photo of SUN-POWER Auto Gates’ DIY Install Kit – an Anonymous Testimonial from a customer who installed their kit themselves.

We received the feedback below and photo from a customer recently.  The customer wishes to [...]