Large brick or stone gate pillars:

On large brick or stone gate pillars, the distance from the gate motor’s pivot point can be too far from the hinge point.  To get the pivot point of your XP gate opener closer to the corner of a brick post, the solution is simple and involves a little extra expense.  Solution?  Mount the gate motor sideways.  A different motor cover is required (not the standard cover that your DIY XP Gate Kit comes with).  Installing the gate motor side-on allows you to deal with gates that have wide brick posts and the hinge point is in the middle of the post.

Push to open:

Another use for a side-mounted gate motor is on regular posts where you need to set the motor to push the gate open from the opposing side of the post (whereas a typical installation the gate motor is set to pull open and push close).  This second scenario is pictured in the images below.

To purchase a side-mount cover with your DIY Gate Automation Kit, please call our friendly staff on 1300 694 283 (1300 MY GATE) between 8am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday AEST/AEDT or email your name, phone number + photos of your gate posts & a description of your needs to