Dear valued customer,

Due to the flow on effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are experiencing delays in receiving the following products:

  • Keypads;
  • Pushbuttons;
  • Remotes Controls; and
  • Radio Receivers.

This has caused a 6-8 week wait time on delivering Automatic Gate Operators to our customers across Australia.

However, we are offering a temporary solution that allows us to provide our XP Series, PowerSwing & Super Slide Gate Operators in a timely manner.
We offer the above Auto Gate Operators with 1 Radio Receiver and 2 Remote Controls.
This is a short-range Radio Receiver and Remote Control setup with a range of approximately to 50 metres.

The regular Kit will be back ordered and shipped to you once stock has arrived. This will be at no added cost to you.
The regular Kit includes ………….
1 Radio Receiver, 5 Remote Controls 2 Wireless Keypads or 2 Wireless Push Buttons
will be posted to you when they arrive in approximately early May

When you receive your Accessory kit it’s as simple as taking off the temporary Radio Receiver and fitting the new receiver onto the main control board.
Please note that the Remote Controls, Wireless Keypads & Wireless Push Buttons are Pre-Programmed to the Radio Receiver.
You will not need to return the Temporary Radio Receiver and Remote Controls.
If you wish to order an Automatic Gate Operator Kit and wait for the Accessory/Bonus kits, your order will be placed in a queue for delivery based on purchase date of your order.
We hope this offer is satisfactory and we can have you enjoying your Sun Power auto gate as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,
The Sun Power Team