We received a phone call recently from a very satisfied customer.

A gentleman from the Hunter Valley region bought a gate operator kit from us 6 years ago.  He only just got around to installing it a couple of weeks ago  He rang us yesterday to say that he has installed it and is very happy with the end result – an automated gate that just works.  Honestly, we were surprised to hear that his battery was still holding 11.5 of its original 12V charge.  That is by no means typical, but we’re glad to hear all is going well.

It gladdens our heart that this customer has had this good experience and we do enjoy positive feedback, but do we wish to take this opportunity to suggest that you install your gate operator kit within 6 months of purchase to ensure the battery’s charge is good from its first operation onwards.

As of July 2015, all of our Australian-Made Gate Operators in Solar DIY Kits now have an external Solar Charge Regulator installed to offer the flexibility for those at more Southern Latitudes to add larger solar panels if needs be (for example, some Mornington Peninsula & Tasmanian customers).  The standard kit’s solar panel is 12W.  For an additional fee, you may increase the panel to one of our 20W panels (maximum panel size with this Regulator = 40W).  An additional benefit will be increased battery life.

We believe the SUN-POWER SPXP-R200K (Single Gate Automation Kit – Solar) and the SUN-POWER SPXP-R200/300K (Double Gate Automation Kit – Solar) represent the best quality for the price in the Australian Marketplace.

Your purchase keeps Australian Manufacturing jobs going.  Isn’t that great?  Your investment in an Australian-Made gate operator will reward you with a high-quality, reliable unit that just works.

Whether you are purchasing a gate operator for simple convenience, as a mobility access solution or due to rural property security concerns (we have a couple of electric lock models that can be gate-operator triggered to choose from), an investment in a SUN-POWER Gate Automation DIY Kit is the way to go.  The product is excellent.  We constantly seek to make improvements.  What is available now has gone through 16 years of evolution because of our ‘make it better’ mantra.  If you have any questions and desire answers, please read articles in this blog section, download and read through the installation manual or call to speak to one of our friendly sales or technical staff members.  1300 MY GATE (1300 69 42 83).

If you already own a SUN-POWER XP or XP series gate operator and you would like to upgrade it to include a Solar Charge Regulator and add a bigger Solar Panel than the standard size supplied in your kit, please call to speak to one of our friendly staff.  For the vast majority of our customers, a larger Solar Panel is unnecessary as our Gate Operator is very efficient.  The 12W panel is ample power supply.

To see one of our solar gate operators in action, click here to view the video from a previous blog post.

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