A: More than likely.

We have a stand-alone version of the receiver that is used in SUN-POWER XP Swing Gate Operators.  Your transmitters (remote controls) can control more than one receiver; So, you are able to press one button on your SUN-POWER remote control to open your gate and another button on the same remote to open your garage door.  We know.  Very cool. 😎

The RX500 stand-alone 12V Receiver can be added to around 90% of the garage door operators on the market.  Please contact us to find out if your garage door is compatible with the RX500 receiver unit (click here to purchase).  We will need to know the make (brand) and model number of your garage door motor.  Most of the time we can add the RX500 to:

  • ATA Garage Door Motors
  • B&D Garage Door Motors
  • Merlin Garage Door Motors
  • Other brand Garage Door Motors (call us to discuss – we may need a copy of your instruction manual and/or the wiring diagram).

In some instances an electrician may be required to install the RX500 in to your garage door operator.  In most circumstances, that is probably not required.  Please give us a call to discuss.  1300 MY GATE (1300 69 4283).

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