Stolen Toyota SR5 Hilux Twin Cab Ute

A Griffith Property Owner recently awoke and set-off for the day’s work only to discover that his new Toyota SR5 Hilux Twin-Cab Ute had been stolen.

It appears that a car theif stole one vehicle, drove it on to the owner’s property in the middle of the night, parked it near his shed and then stole his Toyota SR5 ute!

This type of news in rural NSW seems to be more and more common.  This instance is very frustrating for our business as a staff member here was due to install a SUN-POWER Auto Gate as a security measure in the coming weeks at the site of the theft!  The owner of the vehicle is a friend of ours.

We are always very solemn about new like this.  Could an Auto-Gate (in closed/locked position) have prevented this theft?  It’s not truly possible to say.  Certainly it would have been a decent level of deterrent and may have been enough to put-off the mongrel that stole our friend’s work vehicle.

If you or someone you know knows anything about the theft,
please call the Griffith Police Station on (02) 6969 4299.


UPDATE 26-09-2014

Coober Pedy Map Toyota SR5 Found

Vehicle found in Coober Pedy and the first-glance report is that the Toyota has not been trashed!  Great News!