STOP PRESS --> BONUS OFFER EXTENDED in to 2015 and beyond  --> See New Brochure Here (click)

Currently SUN-POWER Auto Gates has a Spring BONUS OFFER in place.  On top of an excellent purchase price, the added value is awesome.  BUT, we cannot sustain these amazing deals beyond Spring 2014.

On the 1st December, the price of our kits has to go up.  Also, the bonus items offered will revert to their normal prices and will be optional extras.  We have not raised our prices in 5 years.  We have been keeping the price artificially low but with rising costs, we simply cannot do this any longer.

In the Automaxx Swing Gate Operator Series, the prices will rise on the 1st December.  The Automaxx Slide Gate Operator Kits will increase as of 1st December this year.

Whether you are a Cockie*, Blockie* or Bitumen Jockey*, SUN-POWER Auto Gates have the right automatic Gate operators to suit your access requirements to automate your gate.

The Spring BONUS:

With our Automaxx swing gate series, we are giving away 2 extra remote controls, 2 wireless keypads for secure-entry and mounting plate/s to suit your kit (1 in a single gate operator kit and 2 in a double gate operator kit).

We sell Solar AND 240v swing gate operator kits.  240 volt kits are usually cost a little less.  The Solar kits cost more, but not much more.  Going solar at a gate entry point is cheaper for you, the property owner 90% of the time.  The only time it’s a good option to go for 240v is if you already have 240v power supply at your gate or there is no available sun-shine (e.g. under-ground car-park etc).

The Solar panel that comes with your kit can be mounted up to 50m away (using 4mm figure 8, multi-strand cable) or from 50m+ to 100m away using 6mm figure 8, multi-strand cable).  Yes, we can supply you with the cable you need (additional cost).

We also sell SLIDE GATE KITS.  We have the AUTOMAXX 500.  There is a
SPRING BONUS OFFER on the Automaxx 500 slide gate operator kit.
To learn more about that offer, click here.


* Cockie – Australian slang for ‘Farmer’.
  ‘Blockie‘ – Slang for ‘Rural large block owner (1, 2 or 25-50 acres)
  ‘Bitumen Jockey‘ – A town/city/urban/suburban dweller who drives primarily on sealed
  (bitumen etc) roads.