How to sum-up the Berry Field Day, 2014?

It rained.

It rained and we met some nice people.

It rained on Friday with a few moments of sun & just light drizzle.

It rained in the morning on Saturday.  By the afternoon, the sun was winning and it made for an excellent day.

We met some nice people in the rain at Berry.
We also met some nice people in the sun at Berry.

Some really, really nice people bought some of our Solar Auto-Gate operators from us at Berry on Saturday.  One bought their Gate-Operator-Kit when it was raining.  The other people bought theirs when the sun was out.

Essentially, the theme for the 2-day Field Day event was the rain or the moments of lack-of-rain.  Most stall-holders agreed that we’d prefer to see the rain delivered in-land where it’s really needed.  In fact, the take-away from the event was not the rain.

I met some wonderful people at the Berry Field Day.  Many of them were customers and those interested in someday making a purchase from us; But an equal number were other friendly stall-holders.  It was a treat to see a lady riding around the field day on a Brahman Bull:
lady riding brahman

I met a man named Terry who has been taking SUN-POWER Auto Gates on the road for years for our company, to shows like Berry.  Whether it’s a bigger show like Gunnedah’s Agquip, the Henty Farm Marchinery Field Days or the Orange Field Days or smaller shows like the Berry show, you’ll find Terry there promoting our excellent Automatic Gate Operators.  Why does he do it?  He tells me that it’s not for the money.  He just likes meeting people and having a yarn.  He’s an interesting fella Terry.  When not selling Automatic Gate operators, he’s repairing Deutscher Lawn Mowers.  If you have a Deutscher mower that you want to repair (or sell), contact Terry.  You can call our store on (02) 6280 4655 and we’ll give you his number.

Here’s Terry in action selling our SUN-POWER Auto Gate Operators:
terry at berry

terry at berry2

We sold a number of gate operators.

We sold the SUN-POWER XP Gate operators and the SUN-POWER Automaxx range.
Both series are excellent lever-arm automatic gate operators.  90% of our sales of gate operators are Solar Powered units.  The Automaxx is fully-imported, made to our specifications.  The XP series is made up of an Australian made motor and circuit board and we are VERY proud to promote the series of Gate operators made by Aussies.  80% of SUN-POWER’s sales are Australian made gate motors in the swing-gate category.  Whilst the Australian-made series is a favourite of our customers, we do feel it worth giving the Automaxx range a nod.  They truly are a terrific option and will likely suit many family’s budgets.

The next 2 field days that I’m looking forward to are the Murrumbateman Field Days and the Henty Farm Machinery Field Days.  I will likely attend both.  I’m the guy on the right in this picture:
Simon assists customers

(Head of Marketing for SUN-POWER Auto Gates & Field Day junior) 😀


2018 EDIT: I have since lost weight & I’m no longer a junior!