I always remember the old saying that the opening of a gate is an IQ test, some more challenging than others. 

I have read the story about the murderous gate. The gate that struck when least expected. Dad and Mum would drive to town and on the way would come to the terrible gate. Mum would get out to open it, often in rain and mud. The gate was adorned with barbed wire, the catch difficult to undo and when opened the gate would fall off its’ hinge, tear Mum’s clothing and gash her leg .From his comfort zone on the driver’s seat Dad would offer much advice! 

Today nobody needs to endue such a gate.

Our property has a woolshed 7 km from the homestead and is serviced by a farm track. The track has three cattle grids and one gate. It was always most annoying to stop, get out, open the gate, drive through, get out, shut the gate and drive off. This could occur several times a day.

No longer!

With Martin’s XP SERIES Automatic Solar Powered Gate Opener it is a breeze. Visitors, contractors, guests are all stunned as the gate miraculously opens as we approach. It is a real time saver. Should have had one years ago and one third the cost of a cattle grid. It will see me out.

Well I love it!”

 – Russell Clark For Clark Family
(Kyeamba Station     WAGGA WAGGA)