It’s true. Sheep will munch on your solar cable. We only just heard this from a customer in Landsborough, Victoria today.  Due to this new information, we seek to underline our existing recommendation that you run your solar cable through proper PVC conduit to keep it protected.

Sheep eats cable
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Our Victorian customer had his solar cable chewed quite a bit by his livestock and his battery had gone flat as the solar panel was unable to keep the battery charged due to the break from a bored sheep.

On discussing this matter further with a reseller/installer, we learned later this afternoon that cows are worse!  Apparently cows love to nibble on cables too (and old bones!).

Whilst we were unaware of the potential for damage from livestock, we have always been aware of the potential for damage of your gate-operator’s cable from brush-cutters, lawn-mowers and the odd bored puppy.

So if you’re running your cable in an exposed manner, perhaps get some PVC conduit and run it through that to keep kit safe from puppies, brush-cutters, lawn-mowers, cows, sheep etc!