Whether you’re a ‘Cockie’, a ‘Blockie’ or ‘Bitumen Jockey’, a SUN-POWER Gate Automation Kit is what you need.

If you have a Gate that you’re having to open manually each day and you’re sick of these steps:

  • Stop your car.
  • Unfasten your seat-belt
  • Open your Car Door
  • Get out of Car
  • Shut the car door
  • Walk to Gate
  • Undo chain or latch
  • Swing the gate open
  • Walk back to your car
  • Open the car door
  • Get in the car
  • drive through, just beyond the gate
  • Stop the car
  • Get out of the car
  • Walk to Gate
  • Close gate
  • Refasten chain or latch
  • Walk back to car
  • Get in
  • Continue driving to your parking spot (hopefully your garage door is automatic at least)!

… then you might just benefit from an automatic gate operator.  SUN-POWER Auto Gates is the premiere provider of a DIY Gate Operator Kit to suit your swing gate.  We offer SOLAR and 240V kits.  Instead of the rigmarole above, the following steps get you through your gateway:

  • Press button on remote control from the comfort of your vehicle whilst on approach and watch your gate open before you
  • Drive through gateway and watch in rear vision mirror as gate auto-closes behind you

Now aint that just grand!  😀

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  • Cockie – Farmer
  • Blockie – just out of town, 5-10 or so acres
  • Bitumen Jockey – in town, regular block size home owner