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Buy Mum/Nanna/Gran/Grandma what she really wants this Valentine’s Day.

We are a country of extreme temperatures and weather patterns.  In the middle of Summer, no-one wants to get out of their air-conditioned car to open a gate, get back in, drive through, get back out, close the gate, get back in and drive on to the house.  What a drag!  It’s possibly less fun in Winter!

What a wonderful gift you could give – the ability to stay in the climate-controlled vehicle and simply press a button to open the gate so she can drive through and have the gate close automatically behind her.

Give the gift that spoils her every day this Valentine’s Day.  No more hassle nor fuss.  No more cold hands grasping cold, frosted metal gate frames in Winter.  No more dramatic temperature changes in Summer, having to get out of the air-con comfort in to the direct path of a blazing-hot sun and then back to the cold… etc.

Make her life easier!  Invest in a SUN-POWER Auto Gates’ XP Series, Australian-Made, Solar-Powered, Automatic Gate Operator!  Click here to start shopping!