open gate from the beach

You’re on holiday, chilling out on the beach and you hear a muffled ring tone.  You dig out your mobile phone.  The Caller ID says ‘Front Gate’.  This is the first time your front gate has called you.  You answer.  The caller says,

“Hello Mr Jones, it’s Dave!  I’m here to deliver your new Sound System.”

You reply,

“Sorry, I forgot you were coming today.  I’m on holiday.  Can you leave the system just inside the garage?”

“Now worries Mr Jones.  How do I get past your gate though?”

“Too easy Dave,” you reply (as you remember what the SUN-POWER Auto Gates Salesperson told you).  You hold your phone down & press the # button.  Dave exclaims,

“Well that’s a clever thing.  Your gate is opening!”

‘Cool’ you think to yourself.  “That’s good mate.  Are you alright from there?”

“Yes thanks mate.  Enjoy your holiday” Dave says.

“Cheers Dave.”  You hang up, put your phone away and chill.

Isn’t it lovely when things just work?


Another feature worth mentioning:

You can save the phone numbers of up to 999 trusted users in to the GSM Intercom System.  If they call your gate intercom’s phone number, the gate will open.  We recommend only using this for people you trust completely.  They’ll probably be able to open your gate by voice command thanks to the combination of technologies… phone + intercom + gate motor… just. too. cool.

“Siri, Call Gate!”

“Jarvis, Open my Gate!”

“Cortana, this is Masterchief, Open the Gate!”

[EDIT]  Recently, these units have been upgraded to be compatible with 3G and 4G.

To learn more, download the PDF brochure (click here).

N.B.  For this system to work seamlessly, you need to have mobile reception at your gate entry & in an ideal world, mobile reception wherever you are located when a visitor at your gateway uses your GSM-based communicator.  This system necessitates a SIM Card (prepaid or plan) supplied by you.  The SIM Card must not have voicemail activated (nor speech-to-text answering services nor diverted to a call centre).  You can have multiple phone numbers saved in to this system so that if one person lets their phone ring out, the next on the list is dialed (by this ‘Intercom’) so that they can answer the phone, in readiness to press their phone’s # button and let the visitor in.


EDIT 8-08-2017:

The two new models on the market are the:


         GSM18V81S                                   GSM18V9S

Yes! These units are 3G and 4G compatible.

Both of these models come with the Solar Kit you need to make them independent of your gate system’s power and independent of mains power.

Additional information:

Standby power consumption is 20mA on standby with the sleep mode feature.

GSM frequencies – These units support quad-band GSM frequencies:

  • GSM-850
  • E-GSM-900
  • DCS-1800
  • PCS-1900


To purchase the Single-button GSM18V81S, click here.


To purchase the Keypad model, GSM18V9S, click here.